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"The image of those cool green eyes lingered with him as long as life. He did not ask why God would choose to raise up a creature of primal innocence from the shoulder of Mrs. Grales, or why God gave to it the preternatural gifts of Eden — these gifts which Man had been trying to seize by brute force again from Heaven since first he lost them. He had seen primal innocence in those eyes, and a promise of resurrection. One glimpse had been a bounty, and he wept in gratitude. Afterwards he lay with his face in the wet dirt and waited. Nothing else ever came — nothing that he saw, or felt, or heard."

Walter M. Miller - Un cantico per leibowitz

"Sharp steel and strong arms rule this world, don't ever believe any different."

George R. R. Martin - A clash of kings


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Jojo Moyes
Elliot, 2011
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Sotto un sole diverso

Ernst Lothar
e/o, 2016
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Jojo Moyes
Mondadori, 2015
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Tutti i racconti

Rohald Dahl
Longanesi, 2009
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Mia amata yuriko

Antonietta Pastore
Einaudi, 2016
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La ragazza che hai …

Jojo Moyes
Mondadori, 2014
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Io prima di te

Jojo Moyes
Mondadori, 2013
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Vieni via con me

Sara Macdonald
Oscar Mondadori, 2007
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